Purrtigers has been providing healthy Maine Coon Cats since 1983. My primary purpose is to breed happy healthy cats that meet the Maine Coon Cat standard. My cats are all Feline Leukemia and FIV negative as well as HCM negative. I have heart scans and DNA tests performed on my breeding cats.

I also like to show and having a few regional winners and a National Winner has been a lot of fun. My very first kitten was shown by Karen Crooke and the new owner to a regional win. I was clueless and I’m sure Karen despaired of me ever going to enough shows to understand what was happening! However, I’m way past that now and love going to shows to be with my beautiful cats. Ribbons are the icing on the cake!

I met Karen Crooke at work in 1982. She had an ad for kittens on the company bulletin board so I went around to her office to have a chat. “Come to the cat show in Galveston”, she said. So I did. She showed me several of her cats and then, with a flourish, brought out the last cat. “This is the cat I think would be good for you.” The light shown from above and the cat positively glowed. It was love at first sight! I purchased the beautiful girl (never thought I wanted a calico, but you can’t fight destiny) and that was the beginning of a lifelong interest in the cat fancy. Karen requested that I have one litter with her - well I'll do anything once!

Lovabacon’s Harleycoon, for that was the beautiful girl’s name, had a long and successful show and breeding career. I have always been a cat person and even had a Maine Coon look alike when I was growing up. I never thought a casual conversation with Karen would turn into a lifelong interest. Maine Coons are still my favorite breed and the breed in which I specialize.